New way

to own your ather

A 36 month plan for as low as ₹3868/ at end of which you can retain the vehicle for a ‘Zero’ fee OR get 100% cashback of down-payment!

What’s included

Ather Service-lite included

We include the Ather Service-Lite plan in our monthly fee. So no worries of maintenance that is covered by the plan.

Comprehensive insurance

We’ve got you comprehensively covered for all 3 years.

RTO/Road Tax

Paid for by us.

Unlimited kms

No cap on number of kilometers you ride. Use like your own. Because it is! 

how it works


Choose a plan

Flexible, all inclusive
No frills



Easy online application


Make a down-payment

Sign digital agreement
and pay online

Ride away

No registration 
No insurance

Calculate your EMI

Partners in innovation

“Re-imagining auto finance both for consumers and financing companies with alternative products and technology backed delivery.”

– UDay disley

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