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  About Autovert


For ‘smart’ Electric Vehicles

Owning an electric vehicle made easy!

Alternative auto finance

Bringing the full stack of alternative auto finance on a single platform for e-vehicles



Subscription/ membership

'pay as you go'


Seamless UX integration with E-bike Online / Offline storefront

Single touchpoint for customers from Discovery to closure of auto finance.

Instant approval across multiple auto finance options.

Paperless documentation.

Tech in financing

Financing Institutions ( banks/ NBFCs) can now build exciting e-bike lending portfolios.

Data-driven platform offers full lifecycle management of financed e-bikes at highly optimized channel costs.

Bringing the power of IOT in financed asset monitoring and management

Plug & Play

Plug & Play Auto finance platform for E-bike OEMs

OEMS can design data-driven and customer-centric ownership models / options

Ability to offer auto finance ‘use cases’ for the connected vehicle ecosystem

For the eco-system

Our platform extends beyond auto financing, benefiting the entire value chain

Electric Vehicle adoption

E-Vehicle finance

E-Vehicle insurance

E-Vehicle lifecycle management